eMail Review Issues or Submit for Review

If your certification case has review errors or missing information, you will have a link at the bottom of the page that says "eMail Review Issues to you"; this indicates that the case cannot be submitted for review by the Z-Wave Alliance. If you click this link, the list of issues shown on this page will be sent to your eMail address so that you may obtain the missing information or determine the error that was indicated.

If you click the above link you will be taken back to the Index (Starting) Page where you may work on another certification case.

If you do not have any review issues, you may see this result instead:

Clicking on the Submit for Review button will submit the case to the Z-Wave Alliance certification team to be reviewed with the possible outcome of Rejection or Approval. In both cases, you will receive an email message notifying you of this result. If the certification case is rejected, the email notification will include the reviewer's comments and/or suggested fixes for the issues.

The current turnaround time for a certification case review is three business days from the time it is submitted. It is not necessary to send an email to the Z-Wave Alliance Certification Team letting them know that your case has been submitted - the certification team is also notified when a case has been submitted for review.