What's New - Revision History


  • Added this Revision Record section.


  • Added “Additional Requirements” page detailing additional policies not previously detailed in this document.


  • Added information on the new “Edit” feature on the Index/Home page menu.
  • Updated screen shots and information regarding “Product Categories” now checkbox selections instead of a single drop-down list selection.
  • Updated screen shot and information regarding “Publication Date” added.
  • Updated screen shot and information regarding “Proof of Product Brand”


  • Removed link to the old public site regarding marketing materials
  • Added screen shot and information regarding S2/Smart Start required label proof


  • Updated to reflect that the system now breaks the S2/Smart Start into its own step (Step 7) and that even if the box is checked that the full DSK is on the product, proof of the DSK in or on the packaging must still be uploaded. (May be the same proof document as DSK on the product.)


  • All sections updated for new Market Certification System changes.
  • Changed to a new help system generator for this information.