Product Brand

The brand that the product is being sold under must be shown on the product.  Here, select the brand that appears on the product from the drop-down list of brands.  If there is no drop-down list, then the Brand was retrieved from the Silicon Labs Certification Portal and it cannot be edited.  If the brand does not appear in the drop-down list, there is a text box to the right of the drop-down list where a new Brand name can be entered.

Please note that the company that owns the brand that appears on the product must be a Full level member or higher in good standing with the Z-Wave Alliance at the time of the Market Certification.

Proof of Product Brand

In this section, you will select an image file from your computer that shows the logo or name of the brand as it appears on the product.  You may click the "Download current file" link if you previously uploaded an image file to review it.