Navigation & Saving Your Work

At the top of EACH Step, you will find this navigation box.  Clicking on one of the boxes will take you to that Step.

Click the red areas below to learn more or choose the topics from the menu at the left.

It is important to note that these navigation buttons will NOT save your work before taking you to the selected Step - make sure you SAVE your work before jumping to another section in the Certification Case.

IndexStep 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5AStep 5BStep 6Step 7Step 8Import

At the bottom of EACH Step, you will find additional navigation buttons:


               Additional buttons may appear here, but << Back and >> Save & Next should always be present.

In some steps, and additional 'Update' button may appear.  An Update button saves only a piece of the data in that step and does not save the entire step. Please remember to always use "Save & Next" before jumping to a different step in the process.