The Z-Wave Alliance Market Certification System

The Z-Wave Alliance, Z-Wave Plus Market Certification System is comprised of an online form that must be filled out for every Z-Wave Plus product that is marketed. The information provided assures that:

1) Each and every Z-Wave Plus product is easily identified in the market through the proper use of the Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus trademarks on both the packaging and the product.

2) Each and every Z-Wave Plus product is easily identified in the market through the use of a Brand name or mark on the product itself.

3) Adequate SKU marketing information exists for the Z-Wave Certified Products Catalog including; Brand, Model Identification, Description and Product Picture

4) Adequate Z-Wave Network Management information exists in a common format and central location to cover: Inclusion, Exclusion, Learn, Reset, Configuration and Association

Z-Wave Plus Market Certification is one of two approvals required for Z-Wave Plus Product Certification and is administered by the Z-Wave Alliance. The other required certification is Z-Wave Plus Technical Certification which is obtained from Silicon Laboratories. Details on both of these certifications can be found at the Z-Wave Alliance Member Site (Note: Not the public website) under MEMBER RESOURCES and then Z-Wave Plus Market Certification System. You can access the page directly at this URL:

Important FAQ’s:

1) You must be a Full member, in good standing, of the Z-Wave Alliance as the company that owns the Brand appearing on the product to apply for Z-Wave Plus Market Certification

2) You must have a valid Z-Wave Plus Product Certification Case Number issued by Silicon Laboratories to complete your Z-Wave Plus Market Certification with the Alliance

Please see this page for more information about the certification process.

3) You must have a Z-Wave Plus Product Certification for every product that uses a Series 500 or later SoC.