Information on DSK Size, Material, & Application Methods

Because the Security S2 DSK is critical to the use of the Z-Wave product with a Security S2 enabled controller, it is critical that this information be applied in such a way that the consumer cannot easily remove it, destroy it, mix it up with another device, or render it unusable through fading or smearing.

The format of the DSK string is subject to the rules provided in the "Security 2 (S2) and SmartStart Z-Wave Product Labeling Requirements" document provided by the Z-Wave Alliance.

Use this box to enter information indicating the ways the above situations will be avoided on your product. Examples include specifying the type of label material used such as PTFE, or a special adhesive and label material to prevent it from being able to be removed. The proof of DSK image for your product should show these policies in practice in the sample photo.