The Index (starting) Page

After successfully logging on to the Market Certification System, you will be directed to the Index page where you can choose to Initiate, Retrieve (edit), or Check the status of a Market Certification Case.

Click the red areas below to learn more or choose the topics from the menu at the left.

The first step after logging in to the Market Certification System is to start a new certification form (Initiate), edit or continue working on a certification form previously initiated (retrieve), or if your email address changed or you feel that you may not have received the notification emails from the system, you may see whether a market certification form that you previously worked on has been submitted or approved (check status). You can do any of these by entering the case number in the appropriate box at the Index (home) page:

Note: It is no longer necessary to enter the case number in C/N[#00000] format!

InitiateRetrieve existing CaseCheck status of Case