Additional Requirements

  • The Market Certification approval process is an iterative one; that is to say that once you submit a Market Certification for approval, the Z-Wave Alliance will review the information submitted.  If there are errors or missing information, an email will be sent to the address of the person who submitted the case letting them know that the submission was rejected and the items that need to be addressed before the certification can be accepted.  The member can then return to the Market Certification system, make changes to the case, and submit for approval again.  

  • It is preferred, but not required, that the company that owns the Brand that the product is being marketed under submits the Market Certification information.  This is to ensure that the product is presented in the Catalog of Certified Products ( in a way that is consistent with the branding and presentation desired by the brand owner.

  • The name or the logo of the Brand that the product will be marketed under is required to be on the product.

  • Z-Wave Plus marks which are smaller than the minimum currently spelled out in the Z-Wave Brand/Logo Guidelines are reviewed as part of the iterative approval process described above.  Therefore, contacting the Z-Wave Alliance to seek approval ahead of the Market Certification process is only suggested if the mark must be approved for a manufacturing process prior to the Market Certification case being initiated.

  • All Z-Wave Association Groups are documented as part of the product information – the association group number, the number of nodes which can be added to the group, and the type of Z-Wave signal that is sent to the nodes in the group when the “trigger event” happens is required as part of this documentation.  Please have this information ready before submitting a Market Certification case.

  • All Z-Wave Configuration parameters are documented as part of the product information. The configuration parameter number, the size, the default value, a description of what the configuration parameter changes in the device, and a description of each unique value setting are required.  Please have this information ready before submitting a Market Certification case.  

  • Product “Features” in some cases provide additional detail for the consumer to use in making purchase decisions.  For example, a product which supports the Multilevel Sensor Command Class can only describe the set of sensors built into the product through the Features of the Market Certification System.  In the case of certain command classes which do not provide specific implementation information, feature information will be required by the Z-Wave Alliance.  If the product you are certifying uses any of the following command classes, in either a supported or controlled role, please be prepared with specific information regarding those command classes so that it may be provided in the appropriate feature area:  Sensor Multilevel, Thermostat command classes, Notification, Scene command classes, Meter, or Firmware Update MD.

  • As proof of the proper size, rendering, and location of the Z-Wave Plus mark on the product and product packaging, it is necessary to include a photo showing these items as they will be presented in the manufactured product.  Please have the photographs ready before submitting the Market Certification case for approval.  An artist’s rendering of the Z-Wave Plus mark may only be used if the mark is presented using the minimum approved size or larger.

  • As proof of proper Security 2 labeling, it is necessary to include a photo showing the Security 2 DSK (rendered as text, or QR Code with PIN Code) on the product. If the full DSK is not printed on the product and the QR Code/PIN Code representation is used on the product, then it is necessary to also upload proof of the full DSK being included inside or on the product packaging. If the full DSK was printed on the product, the same image may be uploaded as proof of the full DSK on the product which means that it is not necessary to have the full DSK in or on the package.